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"Success" bracelet: Citrine, Pyrite and Tiger Eye

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  • This combination of stones is ideal for success and success in your life and everything you will undertake.

  • How to choose your bracelet at Nippotame:
    Measure your wrist circumference - just - without tightening
    For a fitted bracelet: choose the size lower than your measurement (for a wrist measuring 16 cm, select size 15)
    If you prefer a looser bracelet, choose the same size as your wrist

    It all depends on how you like to wear your bracelet.

    Builds self-confidence to achieve your goals.
    Merchants' stone for its ability to promote abundance (in the sense of success, creative mindset,...)
    Concerns the chakras
    * Solar plexus (energy)
    Crown (awakening of spirituality)

    Protective stone, strengthens the will by helping not to be manipulated. Attracts success and prosperity with its positive waves, this stone restores tone, vitality and will while protecting against the pollution of negative energies.
    Concerns the chakras
    * Sacred (Passion)
    * Solar Plexus (Energy)

    Good luck, this stone brings prosperity, optimizes well-being in general and balances yin and yang. A protective stone, it stimulates self-esteem and self-confidence and promotes decision-making.
    Concerns the chakras
    * Solar Plexus (Energy)
    * Sacred (Passion)