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Venus-Inspired Taurus Rudraksha - 13 Mukhi Bead from Nepal | Brahmatells

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"Exclusive Taurus Rudraksh Bead - 13 Mukhi, Sourced from Nepal"


Presenting the exclusive Taurus Rudraksh Combination Bead, adorned with the prestigious 13 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal. This bead is meticulously selected for those under the Taurus sign, influenced by Venus, to channel the planet's benevolent energies.

Key Features:
  • Zodiacal Harmony: Perfectly suited for Taurus, this bead amplifies the Venusian attributes.
  • Genuine Nepal-Origin: Directly sourced from Nepal, guaranteeing authenticity and effectiveness.
  • Stylish and Spiritual: Merges spiritual significance with contemporary fashion.
  • Personality Enhancement: Known to elevate characteristics like wit, allure, and personal appeal.
  • Chakra Equilibrium: Targets the Vishuddhi (throat) chakra for balanced energy flow.
  • Spiritual Advancement: Fosters a sense of magnetism and helps in realizing aspirations.
  • Energetic Synchronization: Believed to invigorate and align the reproductive system.
Usage and Care:
  • Daily Wear Guidelines: Crafted for regular use to fully tap into its spiritual and astrological advantages.
  • Preservation Advice: Provided with straightforward maintenance tips for sustained quality and power.
  • Integration in Spiritual Practices: Ideal for incorporating into routine spiritual activities for augmented benefits.
  • Bead Origin Choice: Primarily featuring a bead from Nepal, with options for personalization based on client needs.
  • Intended Use: Aimed for spiritual and astrological applications.
  • Belief-Based Benefits: Effects and specifications are rooted in traditional beliefs and practices.
  • Variability in Product: Actual product details and outcomes may differ.