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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30

Vastu Shakti Chakra

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Vastu Shakti Chakra is a tool for vastu consultant
Material: acrylic
Colour: transparent
99.9 % accurate degree placement
Divide Space in 16 Vastu Zones
Mark 45 energy/devta fields of your building
Identify individual zonal attribute
Take at least 3 reading from different parts of your house or property to determine the correct direction. Sometimes, the three readings will differ. In that case, add all three readings up and divide by 3, i.e., 130+128+132=390 divide by 3 = 130 degrees. It will be the facing of your home.

. In a compass, there are four cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West) each separated by 90 degrees. These cardinal directions are:


0°/360°     - North

90°             - East

180°           - South

270°           - West


These cardinal directions are further divided into four inter-cardinal (ordinal) directions. Each of the inter-cardinal direction is placed halfway between two cardinal directions. For instance, one of the inter-cardinal directions North-East (45°) is located exactly halfway between the two cardinal directions North (0°) and East (90°). This applies for every inter-cardinal direction. Here are four inter-cardinal directions and their degrees on a compass:    


45°            - NE (North-East)

135°          - SE (South-East)

225°          - SW (South-West)

315°          - NW (North-West)


Apart from the four cardinal (principal) and four inter-cardinal (ordinal) directions, there are secondary inter-cardinal points halfway between each cardinal and inter-cardinal point. These secondary inter-cardinal points are as follows- 


22.5°              - NNE (North-North-East)

67.5°              - ENE (East-North-East)

112.5°           - ESE (East-South-East)

157.5°           - SSE (South-South-East)

202.5°           - SSW (South-South-West)

247.5°           - WSW (West-South-West)

292.5°           - WNW (West-North-West)

337.5°           - NNW (North-North-West)



These cardinal, inter-cardinal and secondary inter-cardinal directions are known as 16 vastu zones. Now, we will mark these vastu zones on your house map. For that, divide your house into 16 Vastu Zones each covering 22.5° degrees. Follow these steps to determine 16 Vastu Zones.