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Full Moon Healings

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₹4,250.00 - ₹7,500.00
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Emotions run high on full moons, and everything is extra intense. You can use this intensity and apply it to basically any spell you like, with the knowledge you'll have a bright ball of shining power to aid you. Many people charge their Crystals during full moons by placing them somewhere they'll be exposed to the light. Another trick is to make full moon water, by placing a goblet of water under the light of the full moon on top of a letter of intention.

Any magick can be done under a full moon with extra potency, but it's also a time in which psychic abilities are heightened. Trust your instincts under a full moon, even if emotions are running high. One of the simplest and best uses of full moon energy is to meditate in its light for clarity on a situation.