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108 Lotus Seed Kamal Gatta Japa Mala - Spiritual Accessory for Laxmi Pooja | Brahmatells

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"108 Big Lotus Seeds Kamal Gatta Japa Mala for Laxmi Pooja and Wearing - Grey | Brahmatells"


Brahmatells introduces the "108 Big Lotus Seeds Kamal Gatta Japa Mala," a sacred accessory designed for enhancing spiritual practices, particularly Laxmi Pooja. This grey mala, made from 108 carefully selected lotus seeds, serves as a tool for devotion, meditation, and inner peace.

Key Features:
  • Spiritual Significance: Each lotus seed represents purity and spiritual growth, ideal for Laxmi Pooja.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Handpicked and strung together to create a durable and meaningful mala.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for meditation, prayer, or as a daily reminder of spiritual goals.
  • Elegant Grey Color: Aesthetically pleasing design that complements any attire.
  • Meditative Aid: Assists in focusing the mind during meditation and prayer.
  • Symbol of Devotion: Represents dedication to spiritual practices and Laxmi Pooja.
  • Cultural Significance: Resonates with traditional Hindu practices and beliefs.
Usage and Care:
  • Wearing Instructions: Can be worn daily or used specifically during spiritual practices.
  • Maintenance Tips: Easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance to retain its quality and significance.
  • Intended Use: This product is intended for spiritual practices and as a cultural accessory.
  • Cultural Respect: Benefits are based on traditional Hindu beliefs and practices.
  • No Medical or Magical Claims: This mala is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor does it possess magical properties.