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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30


17 Mukhi Rudraksh Nepal

Original price ₹247,500.00 - Original price ₹825,000.00
Original price ₹247,500.00
₹214,500.00 - ₹715,000.00
Current price ₹214,500.00

Goddess Katyayani Devi, the sixth and one of the most powerful forms of Goddess Durga rules
the seventeen mukhi Rudraksha. This divine Rudraksha bead is believed to bless the wearer
with progeny, prosperity, good luck and abundance. It is known to fulfill the wearer’s desires and

bestows the power to generate wealth. Moreover, the Satra mukhi Rudraksha also helps the
wearer to get a good life partner.
17 mukhi Rudraksha ruling planet :
Planet Saturn rules the Satra mukhi Rudraksha. This divine Rudraksha protects the wearer by
nullifying the adverse and unfavourable effects of Planet Saturn during the period of Sade Sati.
17 mukhi Rudraksha Benefits:
It increases connection with our intuitive mind and allows power of manifesting our desires
It gives power of effective decision making
It bestows power of manifestation, success & achievements
This Rudraksha destroys limited beliefs of a person and thus destroys past Karma
It release anger and helps one calm down
How to wear 17 mukhi Rudraksha:
It is always advisable to energize the original 17 mukhi Rudraksha before wearing it. Planet
Saturn rules the Satra mukhi Rudraksha and it is recommended to wear this divine bead is on
the Saturday.
In order to energise the Rudraksha bead get up early (dawn) on a Saturday morning, clean the
area where you are going to sit and do japa. Bathe and wear clean clothes.
Now sit facing the puja alter of your house in the East direction. With a focused mind chant the
times. Now apply sandalwood paste kumkum and wear the Rudraksha.

*Goddess katyayani Devi governs it .

*Blesses with fortune and  sudden wealth.

*Decision making skills gets improved.

*Considered best bead for those looking to start new venture , business.