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Huge Savings Unleashed! 🌟 Grab Up to 51% Off - Hurry, Limited Time Offer!
Huge Savings Unleashed! 🌟 Grab Up to 51% Off - Hurry, Limited Time Offer!


21 Mukhi Rudraksha Java - Attain Kubera's Wealth & Protection | Brahmatells

Original price ₹565,885.00 - Original price ₹2,400,000.00
Original price ₹565,885.00
₹370,000.00 - ₹2,400,000.00
Current price ₹370,000.00

Title: "21 Mukhi Rudraksha Java - Manifesting Kubera's Wealth & Protection"

Description: Brahmatells proudly presents the 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Java, a rare and powerful bead infused with Lord Kubera's blessings. This Rudraksha is not just an ornament but a symbol of opulence and divine shield, guiding you towards a life of prosperity and spiritual fortitude.

Key Features:

  • Divine Blessing: Directly blessed by Lord Kubera, the deity of wealth.
  • Venus Influence: Harmonizes Venus's energies, fostering affluence and luxury.
  • Rare and Potent: Among the rarest Rudrakshas, offering unparalleled benefits.
  • Evil Protection: Acts as a shield against negative forces and energies.
  • Health Benefits: Supports prostate and menstrual health.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Wear after a morning ritual, ideally on a Friday.
    • Chant "Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Namah" 108 times for activation.
    • Apply sandalwood paste and kumkum before wearing.
  • Ruling Planet: Venus, enhancing wealth and luxury.
  • Care and Maintenance: Treat with reverence to maintain its sacred essence.


  • Spiritual and Cultural Significance: Intended for spiritual enrichment.
  • Tradition-Based Benefits: Rooted in traditional beliefs and practices.
  • Policy Compliance: Presented as a cultural artifact, not a healthcare device.

Note: The 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Java from Brahmatells is a testament to spiritual and material mastery, ideal for those seeking to harmonize their life with prosperity and protection.