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Brahmatells Hessonite Gomed Dark-Tone Ring | Explore Astrological Elegance

Original price ₹1,800.00 - Original price ₹57,000.00
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₹1,800.00 - ₹57,000.00
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🌌 Overview

Introducing the Brahmatells Hessonite Gomed Dark-Tone Ring, an exquisite astrological accessory designed to connect you with the cosmic energy of Saturn. Known as "Gomed," this deep-hued gemstone is renowned for its slow yet significant influence, making it a must-have for those attuned to the rhythms of the cosmos.

🔮 Why You Should Buy

  • Subtle Cosmic Connection: Offers a gentle yet powerful link to Saturn, promoting stability and endurance.
  • Elegantly Crafted: Encased in a Panch Dhaatu Ring that blends five metals: Silver, Gold, Copper, Iron, and Lead.
  • Cultural Richness: Embraces the deep astrological heritage associated with Hessonite Gomed, celebrated for its spiritual significance.

💍 Product Specifications

  • Gemstone: Premium dark-tone Hessonite Gomed.
  • Metal Composition: Panch Dhaatu Ring, a harmonious blend of Silver, Gold, Copper, Iron, and Lead.
  • Recommended Usage: Wear on the middle finger after a purifying ritual involving milk and water.
  • Optimal Day for Wearing: Saturday, aligning with Saturn’s day for enhanced resonance.

🧘 Benefits

  • Enhanced Patience and Stability: Supports personal growth by fostering patience and a grounded temperament.
  • Cultural and Spiritual Connection: Links wearers to the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology through traditional gemstone lore.
  • Lifestyle Harmony: Encourages a balanced approach to life’s challenges, reflecting the steady nature of Saturn.

🛒 Make it Yours

Are you ready to deepen your astrological journey with a touch of elegance? The Hessonite Gomed Dark-Tone Ring awaits those who seek a blend of beauty and cosmic connection. Embrace the subtle powers of Saturn with this beautifully crafted piece.