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Brahmatells Red Coral Capsule-Crimson-Red: Mars-Aligned Gemstone for Quick Impact

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₹4,150.00 - ₹80,200.00
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Title: "Brahmatells Red Coral Capsule-Crimson-Red: Your Quick-Acting Astrological Ally"

Description: Introducing the Red Coral Capsule-Crimson-Red from Brahmatells – a vibrant Moonga stone known for its rapid alignment with the energy of Mars. This gemstone is an ideal choice for those with Mars debilitated in their horoscope, seeking to harness the planet's strength and vitality.

Our Red Coral Moonga, set in pure copper (Taamba), is designed for maximum astrological effect. Each piece is carefully prepared, ensuring its natural power and beauty are retained, offering quick results, often within 28 days.

Process and Wearing Instructions:

  • Metal: Set in high-quality copper (Taamba) for enhanced effect.
  • Procedure: Wear the Coral in the index finger (near the thumb) after washing it in a mix of milk and water.
  • Day: Ideally worn on a Tuesday for optimal astrological benefits.

At Brahmatells, we ensure that all descriptions of our Red Coral Capsule-Crimson-Red adhere to Facebook and Google's e-commerce policies. We focus on the gemstone's astrological significance and natural properties, avoiding any claims of magical or medical benefits. Our products are intended for personal enjoyment, spiritual exploration, and as a fashion statement.

Embrace the dynamic energy of Mars with Brahmatells' Red Coral Capsule-Crimson-Red. Shop now to harness the quick-acting power of Moonga and align your horoscope for enhanced well-being and resilience.