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Brahmatells Turquoise Aqua Bracelet: Embrace Jupiter's Wisdom

Original price ₹1,800.00 - Original price ₹24,600.00
Original price ₹1,800.00
₹2,000.00 - ₹20,500.00
Current price ₹2,000.00

Title: "Brahmatells Turquoise Aqua Bracelet: A Touch of Astrological Elegance"

Description: Introducing the Turquoise Aqua Bracelet from Brahmatells, a gemstone known as Firoza in the realm of Vedic astrology. This exquisite bracelet is associated with the planet Jupiter and serves as an ideal substitute for Yellow Sapphire. It is specially crafted for those who seek astrological harmony and prefer the slow, stable influence that Jupiter imparts.

The Turquoise Aqua Bracelet is available in both gold and silver, catering to diverse preferences. It is recommended for individuals who do not have Jupiter debilitated in their horoscope, as it enhances the positive aspects of this significant planet.

Wearing Process:

  • Metal: Available in Gold and Silver.
  • Procedure: Wear the bracelet in the index finger (near the thumb) after washing it in a mix of milk and water.
  • Day: Ideally worn on a Thursday for maximum astrological benefits.

At Brahmatells, we ensure that our descriptions of the Turquoise Aqua Bracelet adhere to Facebook and Google's e-commerce policies. We focus on the bracelet's astrological significance and natural beauty, avoiding any claims of magical or medical benefits. Our products are intended for personal enjoyment and spiritual exploration.

Step into a world of astrological elegance with the Brahmatells Turquoise Aqua Bracelet. Whether seeking to enhance your spiritual journey or add a touch of serene elegance to your style, this bracelet is a perfect choice. Shop now and align with the wisdom of Jupiter.