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Huge Savings Unleashed! 🌟 Grab Up to 51% Off - Hurry, Limited Time Offer!
Huge Savings Unleashed! 🌟 Grab Up to 51% Off - Hurry, Limited Time Offer!


Crown Chakra Healing Bracelet - Amethyst & Quartz | Brahmatells

Original price ₹33.00 - Original price ₹33.00
Original price ₹33.00
₹850.00 - ₹1,650.00
Current price ₹850.00

Elevate your spiritual journey with the Crown Chakra Bracelet from Brahmatells, a harmonious blend of Amethyst and Quartz designed to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras. This exquisite piece is not just a bracelet but a spiritual tool to enhance your intuition, protect against negativity, and connect with the higher realms of consciousness.


  • Gemstones: Premium Amethyst and Quartz, known for their high vibrational frequencies and healing properties.
  • Chakra Activation: Specifically targets the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition.
  • Protection: Creates a protective shield around the aura, repelling negative energies and promoting a peaceful environment.
  • Spiritual Growth: Aids in meditation and spiritual practices, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Design: Elegant and meaningful, suitable for daily wear or meditation sessions.


  • Enhanced Intuition: Opens the third eye, allowing for increased clarity and foresight.
  • Stress Relief: Amethyst's calming energy helps dissolve stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual Protection: Guards against psychic attack and negative vibrations.
  • Aura Cleansing: Cleanses the aura, promoting an atmosphere of peace and purity.

Care and Cleansing:

Each bracelet is spiritually cleansed and charged before shipment. To maintain its energy, cleanse periodically in rock salt water and recharge under moonlight.


While crystals are powerful tools for spiritual enhancement, they are not a substitute for medical treatment. Always seek professional guidance for medical concerns.

Elevate your spiritual practice and adorn your wrist with the Crown Chakra Bracelet from Brahmatells – your gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual protection.