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Evil Eye Lava Rock & Black Onyx Bracelet | Brahmatells Astro Collection

Original price ₹1,250.00 - Original price ₹1,250.00
Original price ₹1,250.00
₹850.00 - ₹850.00
Current price ₹850.00

Introducing the Evil Eye Bracelet with Lava Rock and Black Onyx from Brahmatells, a potent combination of protection, strength, and style. This unique bracelet not only serves as a guardian against negative energies but also as a symbol of resilience and power.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Protection: The evil eye symbol offers ancient protection against malice and envy, while the Lava Rock and Black Onyx amplify the bracelet's protective energies.
  • Grounding & Strength: Lava Rock grounds you to the Earth's core, providing stability in times of change, while Black Onyx fosters inner strength and endurance.
  • Versatile & Stylish: Designed for both men and women, this bracelet is a perfect match for any outfit, adding a touch of mystique and elegance to your look.
  • Spiritual Empowerment: Beyond its protective qualities, this bracelet encourages self-confidence and shields the wearer from negative influences.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Each bracelet is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a high-quality, durable accessory that resonates with personal and spiritual significance.

Why Choose Brahmatells?

At Brahmatells, we believe in the power of ancient wisdom combined with the healing properties of natural stones. Our Evil Eye Bracelets are crafted with intention, designed to offer both spiritual protection and a fashionable statement.

Care Instructions:

Maintain the pristine condition of your bracelet by avoiding contact with water and harsh chemicals. Clean gently with a soft cloth and store in a cool, dry place when not in use.


Product colors and stone sizes may vary slightly from the images due to natural stone variations and individual screen settings. This bracelet is intended for spiritual support and not as a replacement for professional advice.

Elevate your spiritual and physical well-being with the Evil Eye Bracelet with Lava Rock and Black Onyx from Brahmatells. Let this powerful accessory be your daily shield against negativity, empowering you with courage and protection.