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Narayan Naagbali

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The main purpose of this ritual is to satisfy our unsatisfied ancestors and bring them salvation. Because all the wishes of the dead cannot be fulfilled. Some intense desires do not leave the soul even after death. In this condition, even after being in the form of air, the soul wanders on the earth. In fact, the soul is a part of the sun. Which naturally gets attracted towards the sun after death. Just like the water on the earth is attracted towards the sea. But lust and desires force the soul to live in this environment. In this condition the soul suffers a lot. And to get rid of his sufferings, he creates worldly problems in front of his descendants. To get rid of these problems, a common man first takes medical help. If he does not get a solution, then he takes the support of astrology. Because some planetary positions in the horoscope are such that Pitrudosh can be predicted.

For the satisfaction of ancestors, the worship that is done with their devotion is called Shradh. If Shraddha is performed with proper material, place, auspicious time and scriptures, it definitely becomes fruitful.

Narayan Nagbali should mainly be done when there is childlessness, painful life and poverty, unremovable disorders of the body, evil spirits, evil spirits, untimely death, series of accidents, as well as curses received in previous births, paternal curse, ghost curse, matri curse, patri curse, wife curse, Mother's curse, accustomed to crisis, stand motionless in front of man. To get rid of all these troubles for sure, there is a scriptural Kamya Narayan Bali Vidhan.

Along with this there is also a ritual of Nagbali along with this ritual.

Nagbali, this ritual has been prescribed by Rishi Shaunak. The wealth that a person has accumulated in his life. If attachment remains on his substance, then that person remains as a snake on that substance after death. And does not allow anyone to benefit from that substance. If such a snake is killed in that birth or in any previous birth, it is cursed. Example:- Nagbali Vidhan should be done to get rid of all the diseases like Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Tridosha, Janya Jwar, Shul, Ud, Gandmala, Leprosy, Netrakarnakrichha etc. and to get a child. This ritual should be done in Shrikshetra Tribankeshwar only.

Narayan Nagbali rule: Nagbali is a ritual performed in three days. It is mandatory to come to the place of worship before 9 pm on the first day of Muhurta. Under the Dakshina of the ritual, the residence of three persons is arranged. If more than three people come, then the cost of their accommodation and food will have to be separated. New white clothes for the ritual (Dhoti/Gamcha/Napkin or and leave black/green sari, blouse etc. for the wife.) Golden snake statue (1/2 gram) should be brought. Other arrangements for the rituals are done by the Panditji. It is mandatory to make reservation of your name by telephone or letter before coming for the Puja Vidhi because we can do all your facilities.