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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30

Ocean’s Charm: Elemental Money-Drawing Spell with Sea Salt

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A Money Spell to cast during the Full Moon. This Wiccan ritual includes a chant to make your wish on a Full Moon night.
A Wiccan spell for money and prosperity that is enhanced by the glowing influence of the full moon. Use this ritual and chant to attract good luck to your life and improve your finances.

Elemental Magic to attract abundance and prosperity using 4 Wiccan Elements and your intent. This easy money spell with salt and a candle will serve as a remedy for money problems.
Salt is a mineral and a perfect ingredient in rituals to attract good luck, cleansing your home or workplace and clearing paths. Salt is used in many cleansing rituals, as well as in many rituals of protection.

Money manifestations can be enhanced by the powers of the full moon, so take advantage of this mighty lunar phase with a Wiccan money spell chant.