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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30

Siddha 1 to 14 Mukhi Java Adjustable Bracelet

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Configuration in the bracelet

1 to 14 mukhi rudrakshas
Ganesh and gaurishankar rudraksha

सर्वेषामपि वक्त्रणां धारणे यो समो भवेत् तस्मात्सर्व प्रयत्नेन रुद्राक्ष पुत्र धारय - पद्मपुराणे

"One who wears all mukhi Rudraksha becomes equal to me (Shiva). So dear Son, one should try by all means to wear all mukhi Rudraksha." -Padma Puran

भक्तिश्रद्धायुतश्चैव सर्वकामार्थसिद्धये । रुद्राक्षान्धारयेन्मन्त्रैर्देवनालस्य वर्जितः ॥

As per the Padma Puran, wearing all mukhi Rudraksha beads can make you equal to Lord Shiva himself. Hence, one should try their best to wear all the beads.

The Akshamalkopanishad describes the Siddha rudraksha combination as a garland of rudrakshas where all gods and goddesses resides . This rudraksha combination is a repository of all mantras and knowledge, and therefore, it is recommended for all to worship this mala.

The Siddha rudraksha combination is the perfect for ambitious individuals who want to attain the topmost levels in their careers and businesses. This particular rudraksha combination helps in constantly cleansing the energy centers of the wearer and attracts positive divine energy, which brings good health, wealth, fame, and fortune.

Origin indonesia (java)