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Pink Tourmaline Chip Bracelet

Original price ₹1,500.00 - Original price ₹1,500.00
Original price ₹1,500.00
₹1,500.00 - ₹1,500.00
Current price ₹1,500.00
  • Materials: Gemstone
  • Gemstone: Tourmaline
  •   Pink tourmaline, despite its gentle rosy color, packs a strong protective punch. It helps to absorb and transmute danger or perceived danger and negative energy. It receives this negative or heavy energy and reverses and transmutes and then sends it back to the sender. In this way,  Pink tourmaline helps to clear the energetic body of heavy, unwanted energy.

    This gem works well with the heart chakra and assists work on this level. It can help to heal grief over the break up a relationship, loss of a loved one, a pet, or a job. Pink tourmaline may help an emotionally closed down person to open up, and helps them be more sensitive to themselves and others. Pink tourmaline assists with setting boundaries and saying no-and meaning it!

    Zodiac: Libra, Taurus
    Chakra: Heart
    Rulers: Pluto and Uranus