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Pure Light: House & Spirit Cleansing Spell

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Spirit Cleansing Spell that can be cast at home to remove negative energies, or on a person to clean the aura. Remove negative energies with sage or palo santo chanting a simple Wiccan spell.
How to fully cleanse a house of negative energy and spirits? With a deep spiritual cleanse! Try this Wiccan cleansing spell to bring extra protection to your home and mind. If you’ve been

feeling that there are negative energies attached to you, it’s probably time to get rid of them. Renew the vibrations at home with this easy but powerful house cleansing spell.
Why this Spell Works
Shamans all across the Americas have used the cleansing and purifying powers of these 2 main ingredients. Palo Santo and Sage (Salvia). They are still used today during sessions of purification of the soul – like those of Ayahuasca and Temascal – in order to help the participants relax and focus.
Palo Santo is typically burned to balance energies. It helps control diseases caused by stress, promoting peace and harmony.