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Red Coral Mars Gemstone Pendant | Brahmatells

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₹3,550.00 - ₹80,500.00
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Embrace Cosmic Power with Brahmatells' Red Coral Oval-Blood-Red Pendant

Introducing the Red Coral Oval-Blood-Red Pendant from Brahmatells, an exquisite symbol of resilience and prosperity that connects deeply with the energies of Mars. Sourced from the historic coral reefs of Egypt, this vibrant gemstone is revered for its stunning beauty and astrological significance.

Key Features:

  • Mars Alignment: Directly associated with the planet Mars, enhancing vitality and personal strength.
  • High-Quality Source: Each piece is sourced from Egypt, ensuring premium quality and authenticity.
  • Astrological Benefits: Ideal for those experiencing Mangal Dasha or challenges related to Mars in their horoscope.

Red Coral Insights:

  • Origin: Egyptian coral beds known for producing the finest red coral.
  • Ideal for: Individuals looking to empower themselves with the dynamic energy of Mars.
  • Metal Pairing: Best worn in silver or gold settings to maximize astrological benefits.
  • Wearing Recommendations: Advised to be worn on the ring finger of the working hand on a Tuesday morning during Shukla Paksha.

Spiritual and Practical Benefits:

  • Success and Prosperity: Traditionally believed to bring success in careers and health.
  • Mental Peace: Helps in overcoming obstacles and aligning with personal goals.

Care Instructions:

  • Cleaning: Gently clean with cow’s milk, water, or Ganga Jal to maintain its spiritual and aesthetic integrity.
  • Mantra for Activation: Chant Om Ang Angarkay Namha 108 times before wearing to fully activate its energies.

Compliance and Assurance: At Brahmatells, we commit to the highest standards of compliance with e-commerce platform policies, focusing on the astrological significance and cultural heritage of our gemstones without making unverified health claims. Each piece is crafted to be a cherished addition to your spiritual or astrological practice.

Explore the Power of Mars: Add the Red Coral Oval-Blood-Red Pendant from Brahmatells to your collection today and harness the strength and success associated with Mars. This pendant is not just a beautiful accessory but a tool for enhancing your personal and spiritual journey.