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Rudraksh 1 Mukhi with Pendant

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1 mookhi rudraksha is said to be Lord Shiva himself. Talking about shlokas, it says “niraakar, Omkara, mula turiyam”, i.e. shapeless, formless, without any beginning or end. Shiva is said to be constant energy, an eternal bliss. Anybody can wear the 1 mookhi rudraksha. It is helpful for increasing focus which certainly is a key to success. The Sahasrara Chakra of the wearer is said to be energized, which then improves consciousness and focus. It reduces the level of stress too.
Process - wear it after bathing, ideally chant Om Namah Shivay 9/108 times.
Day - Monday or any auspicious day.
Ruling Planet - Sun

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