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Yellow Calcite Bracelet for Clarity & Inspiration | Brahmatells

Original price ₹29.00 - Original price ₹29.00
Original price ₹29.00
₹850.00 - ₹1,550.00
Current price ₹850.00

Illuminate Your Path with the Yellow Calcite Bracelet by Brahmatells Discover a radiant touch of insight and inspiration with the Brahmatells Yellow Calcite Bracelet. Each bead on this bracelet is a beacon of light, meticulously chosen to empower your spiritual practice and bring forth your inner wisdom.


  • Spiritual Connection: Designed to deepen your meditation and enhance communication with your spirit guides.
  • Mental Clarity: Yellow Calcite’s vibrant energy helps clear mental fog, allowing your higher mind to shine.
  • Personal Growth: A natural enhancer of self-worth, this bracelet encourages a bright and confident aura.
  • Focused Intention: Ideal for those dedicated to shamanic, channeling, or psychic explorations.


  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each Yellow Calcite bead is polished to perfection, offering a smooth, comforting touch.
  • Mindfully Prepared: Prior to shipping, the bracelet is spiritually cleansed and charged, ready to impart its benefits.
  • Symbol of Prosperity: Revered as a stone of good fortune, Yellow Calcite attracts positive vibrations to all your endeavors.

Embrace Your Passion: Whether it’s for meditation, pursuing new projects, or simply enhancing your day-to-day life with positivity, the Yellow Calcite Bracelet is here to support you. It's more than jewelry; it's a tool for those seeking to enrich their spiritual practice and manifest their desires with intent and vigor.

Ethical Note: Brahmatells is dedicated to offering products that resonate with the soul. This bracelet, with its sunny hues and positive energy, is intended to be enjoyed as a symbol of personal belief and aesthetic appreciation. It aligns with the cultural significance of Yellow Calcite and is presented in the spirit of joy and personal exploration.

Wear the Yellow Calcite Bracelet and carry the light of clarity and abundance with you. Let it be a shining reminder of your dedication to growth and prosperity.